Steve Sherry's The Vagabonds of '74

Badfinger At Carnegie Hall
Early '74 Montclair, New Jersey, Alf a most unusual friend
Cedar Grove, New Jersey my little town....Miss Munches House, Newberry's, Cedar Grove Pool
Hitchhiking To Albuquerque 1972, The Commune and Krishnamurti, University of New Mexico
Seeing Badfinger At Carnegie Hall, The Dugout, McSorely's Ale House
Seeing Bob Dylan, "The Poet Lad" At Madison Square Garden
South End Pizzeria, Van Gogh and Plans for California
Jersey Shore Recollections, Summer of '71. St. Louis, The Gateway of the West, The Road to Colorado
Rocky Mountain Panorama, Problems with the Pinto, Ritchfield Utah???
California! Lennon's Lost Weekend, Venice Beach, Malibu
Pacific Coast Highway, Panoramic Visions and the Magic Carpet Ride To Santa Barbara
San Francisco, The Shelter, The Warf and the Hole in the Wall Hotel
Sacramento, Jumping A Train? Wierd But True, The Shock of My Life
Oblivion, Reno, Good Samaritans and The Ghosts of Woody Guthrie, James Dean and Tom Joad
A Night In The Can in Kansas
University of Kansas at Lawrence and The Doobie Brothers
True Meditation Foundation of Human Understanding, "How Your Mind Can Keep You Well"
Vagabonds of '74 Part 2: Old Friend Ollie, Meeting Veronica, The Suburban in Montclair
BOSTON, The Leap of Faith and A Night in a Shelter
Sleeping in a Newspaper Truck, Cambridge Hippies and No Turning Back
Squatter's Rights: 269 BROADWAY, Furnishing Our Hippie Pad
269 BROADWAY becomes Miss Dale's Farm
California Hippies Arrive. Free Food from The Docks, Strange Encounters
Kenmore Square Blood Bank
Leonard Cohen, Patron Saint, Ali Defeats Foreman and the Great Squash Fight of '74
Vivid Visitors from New Jersey,
The Invasion of Boston University, Taking Over The Dorm
Jonathan Swifts, Harvard Square and The Sugar Shortage
Beacon Hill Gulf Gas Station and Reflections Atop The Longfellow Bridge
Christmas 1974 in Montclair, Returning to Cambridge, "13th Floor Panarama"
Bandages, Canes, Barroom Brawls and Spontaneous Conversation
Meeting Leonard Cohen
The Beginning Of The End and Saying Goodbye
Vagabonds of 74 Epilogue
Essex Catholic Memories: Crosby, Stills & Nash, Marty Liquori, Mark Murro, City Stadium, St. Benedicts, Dylan, Positively 4th St.
The Essex Catholic Wrestling Team 1971: 8 District Champs, Ting A Lings, Hitting the Town....
Essex Catholic Teachers and Students, Br. Harrington, Mr. Lamb, Mr. Taglieri, Mr. Zarro, Simon and Garfunkel
Random Events at Essex Catholic 1967-1971: Stuff Happens! Bomb Scare, JUG!, Abbey Road
Essex Catholic Senior Year 1971: World Trade Center Rising, The Staircase from "A Hard Days Night?" Meditation, MySpace: "Jersey Shore," Crosby, Stills and Nash Epilogue
The Jersey Shore: May, 2011 Brielle....Sea Girt....Introspection On The Sand.....
Essex Catholic Memories 2012

Badfinger, The Dugout, McSoreley's, Spontaneous Jam

a breath of fresh air when music was in the doldrums
Carnegie Hall
Talk about atmosphere

On March 1st 1973, Alf and I were sitting in my room wondering what to do that day. We had a few bucks in our pockets and decided to go to the only place where we could just walk around to have a good time, New York City.
That afternoon, as we were walking past Jack Dempsey's restaurant, I happened to glance at a window poster advertising the group Badfinger.
They would be playing that very evening at Carnegie Hall.

"Badfinger Alf!!! Lets go see if we can get in."

We were excited. These guys had the whole package, great rock and roll, great melodies, tight harmonies, great Musicianship and several hit records. I really dug "No Matter What."
It was one of my favorites tunes at the time.

Whatever "It" was, Badfinger had it in spades.
We went over to Carnegie Hall knowing there wood probably be scalpers plying their trade and that meant a shot at getting in.
Tickets ranged from about three to six dollars, a tidy sum in those days.
The problem was that we only had a few bucks.
I turned to Alf to gauge his vibes but he was already way ahead of me. When in need....Panhandle!

It took a while but we finally made the Entrance Fee and bounded up the stairs.
The Ushers pointed the way and we followed instructions, climbing higher and higher, further and further away from the stage.
Our seats were in the "Nose Bleed Section" and from up there the stage looked like a postage stamp. This wasn't going to do at all.
I saw Alf squirming.

"Come on Davey, we can't sit here."

We stepped out in the corridor only to be met by an usher who told us to go back to our seats but when his back was turned we ran down a flight of stairs to a lower level.
Once there, we were confronted by a female usher who told us we would have to go back upstairs. We turned and walked toward the stairs then opened a door and slipped inside.

Now, from the balcony, we had a great view of the stage.
The problem was that there were no extra seats and we knew that we'd be discovered and booted out.
Going with the flow, we followed the railing to the end of the balcony, climbed over and brazenly hung-jumped down to the lower level.
The show was just starting, everyone was in their seats and Alf and I were going for broke.
Amid the opening chorus we sauntered down the main aisle keeping our eyes peeled for any empty seats.
Amazingly, right up front, we saw two seats
and plopped down in the 3rd Row!!!
It was like seeing Badfinger play in their own living room and they didn't disappoint, in fact they Rocked!
And we sat there soaking up every note to every song they pounded out......
"No Matter What," "Come and Get It," "Day After Day."  Wow!!! Great stuff....

 When the show was over we walked down to 42nd St. still reveling in the Vibes.
We had just enough money for a couple beers then made our way over to the Lincoln Tunnel, stuck out a thumb and hitchhiked home.
Yes, we hithchiked through the Lincoln Tunnel....
It was just a normal night in New York for me and Alf......
     The Dugout , McSoreley's  and the Spontaneous Jam

There were also peregrinations to Greenwich Village that provided a good therapeutic kick in the ass.
We'd walk through the streets bedazzled, past storefronts decked out with Psychedelic posters of Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and Janis Joplin.

We'd hit the old places like The Dugout on Bleeker St. and listen to music while drinking prodigious amounts of beer.
The Dugout had giant barrels of peanuts free for the taking and we'd stuff our pockets full.
It was always a pleasant experience to be hitchhiking a week later and suddenly find a handful of peanuts in the bottom of your coat pocket.

We were sure to hit McSoreley's too, where they served platters of saltines, slabs of cheese and slices of onions For Free as an inducement to get you to drink more beer.(as if we needed the encouragement)

One night in New York in particular was memorable.
I was with Alf, my brother and another friend. We were walking down a Village street when we came upon a guy playing Guitar in the archway of an Apartment Building.

We stopped to listen, liked what we heard and started asking for requests, finally settling on "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" by Dylan.

There was something in the air that night, the Universe perfectly aligned as that song rolled off our tongues and we took turns with the verses.
As the Guitar played we layered each chorus with harmonies that welled up and changed the atmosphere around us.

People passing by were stopping to listen and at each interval I whipped out my G Harp and blew the solo which I knew by heart.
When we were finished with the song we started it over again and repeated it several more times, not wanting to let go of the magic .........
Many nights as we headed back to Jersey an introspective Stream of Consciousness would flow through me.
It was close to a Meditative State, creative and inspiring but tinged with sadness.
Once home, I would flop on the bed, grab a pen and record my innermost thoughts before going to sleep.......

They were Poetic Points of reference for my weary soul.......
my personal road maps........and all I had in the world......


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